What’s The Rush?

For 2020 high school graduates, taking a gap year makes more sense than ever.


Just as other industries have had trouble navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, colleges and universities have been in search of safe options to reopen in the fall. Some top schools, such as Harvard, Georgetown and Princeton have already announced online terms for the fall. No matter which school your child may choose, it is safe to say their college experience will be nontraditional.


Amid so many uncertainties, first year college attendees can take back some control by choosing to take a gap year before jumping into a four year program. Contrary to the typical gap year where students would take time to travel abroad; students in 2020 are more likely to gain real world experience in their desired industry, or pick up general education credits remotely from a local college.


Unfortunately, schools that have chosen remote learning have not adjusted their tuition bills. Many families cannot justify the price for their child to be living at home and learning from the kitchen table. By taking introductory classes at a discount, students can earn credits that will transfer to the University of their choosing. Students may also want to look into opportunities to work in areas where they may be able to gain experience and learn new skills.


The truth is that these students have all the time in the world. By taking some time off, they may be able to get real life experience in their field of interest, or confirm their interest in a major that will make them happy and successful individuals.


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