These Are The Five Questions You Need To Answer Before Retiring

When is the right time to retire? Is it now?

Most people typically consider whether they can afford to retire; but it is a much more nuanced decision than that.

Choosing the right time for you to retire is a highly personal decision, which is about much more than the dollars and cents of being able to afford it.

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How much can you afford to spend during retirement?

How will you get the most out of life, without living in fear that you will run out of money before you run out of time?

There’s no prize for being the richest person in the cemetery.

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How will you spend your most valuable currency, your time?

A successful retirement encompasses more than how you’re spending your money, but how best to spend your time.

All play with no purpose can lead to boredom and a feeling of “is this all there is?”

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How will you maintain and grow your social network during retirement?

The importance of making new connections with people doesn’t stop when you retire.

As social creatures, we need to avoid isolation and loneliness which can create a higher risk of adverse health conditions and/or cognitive decline.

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Is your portfolio too risky for your financial plan?

The portfolio that helped you to create wealth during your career, may not be the right portfolio to help you to preserve wealth during your retirement.

The risk you’re comfortable taking with your investments may be different now that you don’t have a paycheck to rely on.

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Here's What You Can Expect As A New Client

Your plan will be created during four meetings over the course of two months, which can be virtual, in-person, or a hybrid of both depending on your needs.

1. Welcome To The Firm

At our first meeting, we will learn more about you, introduce you to some of our software, and begin to open and transfer accounts.

2. Investment Proposal

1-2 weeks after the Welcome Meeting, we will review your risk tolerance, present our investment strategy for your portfolio, and review your investment portal.

3. Goal Setting

3-4 weeks after the Investment Proposal Meeting, we will review your cash flow and your net worth statement. Also, we will finalize your financial planning goals.

4. Financial Plan Presentation

1-2 weeks after the Goal Setting Meeting, we will present your financial plan and discuss its cash flow inflation and investment assumptions. Looking forward, we will sketch out plans for your future life transitions.

5. Follow Up Call

After you have some time to digest your plan, we will follow up to review questions and make modifications to your plan if needed.
After you're comfortable with your plan, we would like to meet with you at least twice a year.

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Our Team's Commitment To You

  1. Your call or email will be returned on the same business day.
  2. Explanations that make sense to you.
  3. Recommendations that are in your best interest.
  4. Meetings done on your terms; virtually, in person, or a hybrid of both.
  5. Exceptional results begin with us listening exceptionally well to you.
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