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OWM provides financial planning, investment management, and retirement coaching to affluent individuals, business owners, and families. As a fiduciary we strive to establish relationships with our clients and their families that last decades. Please note that OWM does not offer one-time only planning services. Based on our more than 30 years serving the community, we believe one-time plans are a disservice to clients, as they are either not implemented or quickly become stale as the lives of our clients evolve. In our experience, clients with liquid investable assets of at least $500,000 (including your 401(k)), who value long term relationships, and embrace our Return on Life approach are most likely to benefit from our services.

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Ogorek Wealth Management

6400 Sheridan Drive, Suite 224
Williamsville, NY 14221
(716) 626-5000

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Serving clients in and around Buffalo, New York and remotely in:

Canada – Ontario

U.S. – Arizona, California, Washington DC, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine,  Minnesota, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Washington