Working From Home: Life Changer or Deranger?

While many of us have been Zooming away the days throughout the pandemic, employees and owners alike are attempting to gauge the likelihood of maintaining a work from home (WFH) setting, post pandemic. If you are considering making your home office your permanent work space, there are a few questions you should be asking.


Career Killer At Your Firm?


Unless you are working for yourself, it is imperative to have a conversation with your boss to figure out your options for continued WFH, as well as discussing their perspective on how they see the work environment evolving in the future. Would working from home limit your capacity to grow within the company? Will there be different expectations for team members who are working remote? If WFH, would returning to the office be an option?


Time To Upgrade Your Tech Game?


Out of pure necessity, WFH led many of us to turn our kitchen counters into a work setting shared with a spouse. Without a dedicated office space, would you be able to be as productive WFH? Is your spouse considering WFH full time? If so, are you experiencing bandwidth issues when you are both online at the same time? To maintain productivity at home, make sure you have updated equipment (computer, WiFi, etc.).


Opportunity For Your Job To Revolve Around Your Life


With the ability to WFH, comes the ability to work at your convenience. Having the time to drop off, or pick up the kids from school, attend an appointment without taking a half day, or going on an afternoon walk to re-energize helps employees manage their lives in a more balanced manner. Employees who WFH also have the flexibility to work during off hours to better manage their workload.


A Life Changer If You’re Up For It


Like everyone else, the pandemic has caused us to rethink the way we live and work. This may have led you to question entertaining other opportunities. Do you enjoy your current position, but dream of living in a more desirable location? WFH may allow for you to work with your employer to make these changes a reality.


Jobs that are entirely remote can now canvass applicants from across the country. Not only does this allow a larger number of more qualified candidates for the employer, but gives employees the option to work in jobs that they wouldn’t have the opportunity to otherwise.


The possibilities that WFH offers go beyond joining Zoom meetings in your sweatpants. Maintaining a more balanced work/life balance will allow for you to improve your Return on Life.



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