Inspiring Others to Retire Well

CBS news reports on stories that are inspiring and lift you up. This episode highlights a 96-year old woman that is tearing up the dance floor at a family wedding. You may think she has good genes; whereas, I suspect she must have had a good retirement plan!


While it’s clear that genetic factors play a role in aging well, it’s pretty surprising how many of the ingredients that predict longevity are within your control. Research suggests that a meaningful life lessens the effects of aging, and those that have a sense of purpose or direction in life outlive their peers. The best retirement plan involves not just your finances but also ways to stay mentally and physically healthy.


As you watch this, keep in mind that the way you create your lifestyle in retirement impacts your health, wealth, and overall happiness. They all rely on each other, so it’s important to not let your finances take priority over your well-being. It’s like savings, the earlier you start, the better, but no matter what your age, it’s still worth doing. Everyone can make lifestyle changes that can move them in the direction of aging well.


FRIDAY FEELING: This 96-year-old grandma dancing at a family wedding is how we're all feeling today

Posted by CBS Denver on Friday, April 12, 2019



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