It’s Time To Rethink Traditional Life Stages

3102It’s Time To Rethink Traditional Life Stages

Anthony J. Ogorek | Ed.D., CFP®

When we think of retirement, we typically think of those individuals age 65 or older, otherwise known as seniors. When engaging in a discussion about seniors, the tendency is to focus on health care and aging issues. However the reality is we are living longer, healthier lives and these 65 year olds are still fully engaged and living active, productive lives.


Consider this, in the nonprofit sector, over 30% of board members and close to 15% of executive leaders are over age 65. And we can’t forget, the last presidential election; all three candidates were over the age of 65! As lifespans continue to stretch, its important to consider the prospect of a longer life with a fresh perspective – and a plan.



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