Tips To Help You Focus On What’s Really Important

3102Tips To Help You Focus On What’s Really Important

Anthony J. Ogorek | Ed.D., CFP®

Try this for a day. Go around asking others what they did for the day. You’ll find that most of them answer you with telling you how busy they were; nothing about what they achieved for the day. If anything it will tell you how distracted they were from a defined achievement. Distraction is the enemy. If you are looking to achieve a defined goal, you need focus and consistency to drive your actions.


We all want so many things at the same time and we become accustomed to switching from one goal to another. This forces us to divide our resources of time, money, and energy. Instead identify your objectives and pare them down until you have 1-2 goals left that you would like to accomplish over the year. This should help you focus and minimize distraction. Everything else you do should support your goals or they become secondary. Consider partnering with someone that will help to hold you directly accountable for what you would like to accomplish. Remember, you can achieve anything you desire, but not everything at the same time.



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