New Education Opportunities Help Retirees with a Second Act

A popular trend happening around college campuses… is more Seniors.  Not 4th year students, but retired seniors heading back to campus.  Many universities are even creating programs directly for seniors looking for a new career or ways to enrich their retirement.


Don’t go getting school supplies just yet… check off these 3 reasons to see if this could be an option for you:


  1. Higher education at lower costs


Many colleges and universities are offering low-cost programs for seniors. Your local public institution might offer tuition waivers or allow you to audit classes for free.   Also, you’re comfortable working from home at your own pace, online courses are an option to learn something new from a prestigious institution or progress towards a new degree.


  1. Personal and professional enrichment


As a retiree, college can be an opportunity to re-explore interests you veered from once you settled on a career path, delve into new interests more deeply, or sharpen professional skills to start a new business in retirement.   In addition to what you learn in class, you’ll have opportunities to network with young talent and your professors.


  1. The perks of campus life


Like every other student, you’ll have access to world-class libraries and tech labs, museums, movies, theatres, and visiting lectures.  Don’t worry about feeling out of place on campus.  There’s a reason that colleges are offering more programs for seniors. You’re going to be mingling with plenty of people your own age who are navigating the same life transitions you are and who share your passion for learning.



Other options to explore:


Enrolling in college is just one option for curious seniors. Your local community center might offer classes where you can learn from accomplished professionals in a less formal setting. Volunteer positions can provide “on the job” learning about a cause that’s important to you. A good sports coach might broaden your interest in physical wellness while lowering your handicap or fixing your backhand. And don’t discount the value of that library card at the back of your wallet.

Because you worked so hard to follow your retirement plan, you have the assets to keep you and your spouse safe and secure. But retirement also needs to keep you active and engaged. Grab a couple college brochures and schedule a meeting with us. We can help you run the numbers and decide if furthering your education will help you get more out of retirement.


Ogorek Wealth Management, LLC

Ogorek Wealth Management, LLC