Opportunity Of A Lifetime

3102Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Anthony J. Ogorek | Ed.D., CFP®

I am sure that you have heard the pitch: “this is the opportunity of a lifetime.”  Usually, the claim is made by a pitchman selling swampland in Florida, or some other such dubious scheme is afoot.  However, I think all of us could benefit from not necessarily the opportunity of a lifetime, but opportunities that avail themselves to us on a daily basis.  These opportunities may not necessarily be money-making endeavors, but they can really enhance our quality of life — which, in the end, is one of the main benefits of having money.


This past week, what seemed like one heck of an opportunity presented itself when the temperature in Buffalo climbed up to 67 degrees on Veteran’s Day.  This was perhaps the last day in months that we would experience an opportunity to just be outside before the curtain of winter weather would descend on us.


How many people felt that the pursuit of money was more important than enjoying one more glorious day outside?  How many people never even looked at it that way because they lead such a regimented life?


Successful investors are opportunistic individuals.  They look for undervalued situations to pounce upon; because of this fact, it has been said that these investors make their money when they buy, not when they sell.


Looking at life, not just your money opportunistically, can result in a wider circle of friends and acquaintances, more varied life experiences, and a generally more curious outlook on this mystery we call life.  Most days present us with opportunities if we are open to not only noticing them, but acting on them as well.


Many people fear an opportunistic viewpoint on life because it may move them out of their “comfort zone.”  This herding instinct may provide them with comfort, but that comfort may produce boredom and a sense that they are sleepwalking through life.  Tomorrow is your next opportunity.  I hope you seize it.



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