Are You Afraid Of Being Judged?

3102Are You Afraid Of Being Judged?

Anthony J. Ogorek | Ed.D., CFP®

As a Buffalo Bills fan, I have had seemingly decades of watching the team run for the buses against their competitors. Except for the glory years under Coach Marv Levy and General Manager Bill Polian, the history of the team has been rather dismal. The metaphor of “running for the buses” implies that the team was embarrassed with its performance and could not wait to get out of the stadium. We sometimes find that prospective clients may have the same mindset.


Embarking on the quest to find a financial advisor can be a daunting task. Many prospective clients view their first appointment with apprehension because they believe that an advisor is going to be passing judgment on them. From an advisor’s standpoint this is an alien concept. We are in the business of helping people — not judging them.


This perception is perhaps the biggest impediment to prospective clients reaching out for help. I think part of the reason for this mindset is that historically only “the wealthy,” whatever that connoted, sought out the services of a financial advisor. That may have been the case decades ago, but surely that is not true today. The sheer complexity of the financial landscape, coupled with the responsibilities of careers and family, almost necessitates offloading financial responsibilities to a professional.


With the impact of globalization as well as technology on our lives, it is increasingly important to be able to consult with an advisor who can help to ensure that you are happy with your life and working to your full potential — something we call human capital. Managing your money is an increasingly one-dimensional means of delivering financial advice. Managing your money in conjunction with your human capital will provide the greatest chance for a fulfilling and financially secure life.


Don’t let an unfounded fear of being judged keep you from engaging the services of a financial advisor.



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