Income Tax Planning

Income Tax Planning with Ogorek Wealth Management

Income Tax Planning

Another element of a coordinated financial plan is tax planning; evaluating all aspects of your financial plan to ensure they work together in harmony, in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

Taking into consideration the ramifications of individual, investment and/or business decisions from a tax perspective – with an experienced eye on minimizing overall tax liability – proper tax planning maximizes your ability to contribute to your retirement strategy.

Beginning with an in-depth analysis of your investments & investment strategies, tax planning is a developed, year-round process. Ogorek continuously adapts to a shifting landscape, strategizing how to best position assets and/or execute transactions to minimize the amount of taxes you pay. Essential areas of concentration include gift taxes, estate, income, and property taxes.

Retirement, like many events in life, comes with tax considerations. Having a comprehensive understanding of taxes you may incur, and the strategies available to you to minimize them – such as the timing of gains, losses and earned income – can help protect asset transfers from unnecessary depletion or dilution.

Understanding tax implications for business owners is especially critical. Your type of business entity, disbursement of any profits to ownership and/or investors, and accounting practices may all have an effect on tax liability.

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