The E P I C Retirement

Engage At Any Age

Don’t let what you’ve yearned for in retirement steal the enjoyment from what you’ve earned for. No 65-yr-old retiree is the same. You’re never “too old” or outdated, and your peers are no gauge of vitality or value. Age 65 today is radically different than 65 was just 25 years ago. Being relevant and connected doesn’t have to end at retirement age. Surrounding yourself with new friends of all ages will keep you active and engaged.

EPIC retirement means engage at any age

Purposeful Retirement

You need enough purpose to wake up in the morning, and enough money to sleep at night. The average worker nowadays can live 30-35 years in retirement. Retiring should be viewed as a launching point for your next evolution – something to be celebrated – NOT an ending. Retiring TO something, not just from something, serves as a source of inspiration and happiness, both for yourself and in the lives of others.

EPIC retirement is a purposeful retirement


Recreation is NOT an occupation, and vacation loses its luster when it’s all we have to do. Understanding the need to keep a balance between vacation & vocation ensures your professional knowledge and the skills you’ve acquired throughout your career won’t go to waste in retirement. These attributes are just as valuable as they were when you were working. You’re the boss now and can use them however you like!

You’re the boss now that you have entered EPIC retirement

Challenge Yourself

Routine is just that – redundancy. Successful retirees challenge themselves physically, intellectually & spiritually, allowing the mind, body, and spirit to thrive – not just survive. Be a driver in your retirement, not just a passenger. Use your resources intelligently & diligently to push yourself out of your comfort zone and into inspiration.

Volunteering, activism, mentoring or entrepreneurship are some of the many ways in which to continue making a contribution. Take up a sport, turn a hobby into a vocation, see the world – or anything you find rewarding.

 Successful retirees challenge themselves physically, intellectually & spiritually

Four keys to ensuring your retirement years are a time where your mind, body, and spirit thrive.

Let go of preconceived notions about retirement and consider the opportunities that come with seeing retirement in an entirely “new light.”

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