Agilon Shares

Pitfalls and Opportunities

Risks You May Not Be Aware Of:

1. Agilon May be Dead Money for Longer than You Think
Agilon went public at a time when IPO stocks were in high demand. Like selling your house in a hot housing market, Agilon debuted at the top of the market. However, IPO stocks are now being shunned by investors, and Agilon may not return to its prior high for many years (no matter how well the company performs).
2. Most People Are Reluctant to Realize a Loss
The drop in Agilon’s share price and/or the taxes you paid upfront, may cause you to succumb to ‘loss aversion’, where you believe if you haven’t sold, you haven’t taken a loss. While the decision to hold Agilon depends on many factors, these ‘sunk costs’ should be ignored.
3. Time is Your Most Precious Asset
As a busy physician, do you really want to devote what little free time you have to watching a highly volatile stock like Agilon?
4. Concentrated Positions Expose You to a Greater Risk of Loss
Agilon’s recent earnings report showed the company is rapidly expanding to new geographies. However, the company still isn’t profitable and is riskier than the average stock. Having a large portion of your net worth in Agilon may not be appropriate (especially as your income stream is also tied to the company).
5. You’re Taking on More Market Risk than You Realize
All investors have an asset allocation which is the mix of stocks and bonds in your portfolio. However, when incorporating Agilon into your portfolio, you have likely greatly expanded your exposure to stocks at a time of heightened geopolitical risk and uncertainty.

Take Advantage Of These Risk Mitigation Strategies

Get Your Financial House in Order

Agilon could be the nudge you needed to get your financial house in order. The decision to hold, reduce, or sell all your shares is best made in the context of your entire financial plan, factoring all in risk & return, time horizon, and taxes. We can show you how.

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Be Smart About How You Withhold for Income Taxes

Did you drain your cash reserves or take a loan to pay taxes on Agilon stock? We can show you how to minimize interest costs or replenish your savings.

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De-risk Your Portfolio as You Approach Retirement

The worst time to suffer a loss in your portfolio is when nearing retirement. The windfall in Agilon shares may have allowed you to hit your “retirement number” sooner than you thought, meaning you can now lower your exposure to the stock market. Why risk an accident driving 70 mph when you get there safely going 40 mph?

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Lower Your Tax Bill with Intelligent Tax Loss Harvesting

Did you know that physicians are likely to pay more than 30% in taxes on any long-term capital gains? We employ timely tax strategies (such as tax loss harvesting) that could save you thousands in taxes.

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Remove Emotion from Your Exit Strategy

One of the biggest impediments to a successful exit strategy is your emotions, which can create doubt that you are selling too low or cause you to panic and sell at the bottom. Stick to our disciplined stop-limit strategy that works to limit future losses and protect gains.

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Financial Insights to Help You with Your Agilon Shares

What Makes Ogorek Different?

1. We Don’t Sell Anything

As Registered Investment Advisors, we serve as fiduciaries and are required to act in your best interest at all times. That means we don’t sell you products (insurance, annuities, or mutual funds), we don’t earn commissions, and all investment decisions are based entirely on merit.

2. Low Expenses

When all investment decisions are based on merit, it’s no surprise that our portfolios benefit from very low expenses. Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds with high expense ratios need not apply.

3. Charles Schwab

We have a more than 35 year relationship with Charles Schwab as our Independent 3rd Party custodian. With Charles Schwab as custodian, your assets are kept safe, and no money is moved in/out of the accounts without your approval.

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